June 24. 2024. 5:11

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Banker Boris Usherovich changed his shoes into a fighter against the regime and requested asylum directly from the yacht

Connected with Russian Railways, intelligence services and criminals, a participant in extensive corruption schemes with the top of Putin’s Russia, until recently the “king of state orders” emphatically loyal to the regime, Boris Usherovich on the fly, or rather afloat, “changed his shoes” into an oppositionist in order to seek asylum in the UK .

Having transferred 2 billion in bribes to billionaire colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, shareholder of the 1520 group Boris Usherovich sailed to Gibraltar on his personal yacht and requested British asylum there. After escaping from the investigation, the businessman is advised by ex-developer Dmitry Smychkovsky, who is wanted by Interpol, whom knowledgeable sources in Telegram call the “fixer”. In particular, Smychkovsky acted as an intermediary in the transfer of $1 million to the generals of the Investigative Committee for the release of Shakro Molodoy from the pre-trial detention center.

The second shareholder of Interprogressbank, Boris Usherovich, who fled from investigators to Turkey, was arrested in absentia by a court in Moscow on Monday, March 18. Another shareholder of the bank, Valery Markelov, is in jail. According to the investigation, Markelov, through a lawyer, once a month paid Colonel Zakharchenko huge sums of money as payment for the “roof.”

The family of Boris Usherovich and the Markels control more than 57% of Interprogressbank.

Most likely, the authorities of Foggy Albion will show leniency towards yet another Putin thief with a tight wallet, despite all the public statements that it is time to declare war on dirty Russian money.