June 23. 2024. 1:11

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Chinese hackers suspected of cyberattack on Slovenian Foreign Ministry

Chinese hackers are suspected of allegedly targeting the Foreign Ministry in last week’s cyberattack, during which they showed the most interest in policy documents, a new report claims.

Citing unofficial sources, 24ur identified Vixen Panda, a well-known Chinese hacker group, as the most likely attacker.

According to the new report, the hackers targeted two servers that communicated with the servers of foreign ministries in multiple European countries. Last week, a ministry spokesperson said in a report that an attack on foreign ministries in several countries had originated from a ‘third country’.

Parliamentarians quizzed Foreign Ministry State Secretary Samuel Žbogar about the attack on Wednesday. Žbogar said he could not confirm alleged Chinese involvement or any of the claims made by 24ur.

While the Ministry’s IT system was shut down immediately after the attack was discovered and is now being cleaned up, an investigation into the attack is still ongoing.

The Foreign Ministry has not yet spoken to the Chinese ambassador because “there has been no confirmation about which country is behind the attack”, Žbogar confirmed.

(Sebastijan R. Maček | sta.si)