June 23. 2024. 12:52

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Administration lawyers’ strike in Spain creates massive case backlog, inspires others

The two-month-long Court lawyers’ strike that ended at the end of March has resulted in 400,000 pending lawsuits and the paralysis of €1.3 billion in due payments – a crisis that is unlikely to abate as other parts of the administration are planning partial strikes for mid-April.

Spain’s Justice Administration lawyers went on strikes for two months from 24 January until they reached an agreement with the Ministry of Justice on 28 March to raise their salaries by around €450 per month in 2024.

While it seemed like the deal would bring back normality to the judiciary, other parts of the administration have announced plans to carry out similar actions from mid-April.

Judges and prosecutors have announced they will start “pressure measures” to improve working conditions, eldiario.es reported.

To address the situation, the Justice Ministry has created a working group with the regions, the Prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary’s supervisory body (CGPJ).

This will not be easy, as all the regions, judicial authorities, and workers’ unions must agree on a measure from the working group to go forward.

(Max Griera | EURACTIV.com)