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Spin king Renzi is no journalist

In this edition, we look at former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s new journalist career and the damage such appointments do to independent reporting.

Spin king Renzi is no journalist

The links between politics and journalism are as old as time. Unfortunately, in the Italian media landscape – and elsewhere – it is rare to find leading journalists without some level of affiliation or support for a political party. Genuine independent and impartial reporting is becoming an endangered species.

Even Silvio Berlusconi, when he was the prime minister and controlled most of the press, particularly broadcasting, never dared to become the editor-in-chief.

However, there is one big difference between Renzi’s case and those mentioned above: they were the directors of a party newspaper founded by the party.

This creates a precedent in Italy, making it normal for an active politician to run what purports to be an impartial media.

Renzi’s sudden career change has not sparked massive controversy in Italy. There are similar cases of politicians becoming overnight journalists in other countries, however, this move would likely become central to the national debate.

This is the case of ex-UK Chancellor and Conservative MP George Osborne, who became editor of the Evening Standard in 2017. After heavy criticism from fellow politicians and journalists, who pointed out that Osborne’s only qualifications were that he had read rather than written for newspapers, he resigned as an MP within days of the appointment.

In addition, Renzi has become an increasingly controversial figure in Italy and abroad. An investigation of the Bankitalia anti-money laundering unit in February 2022 revealed that the senator received up to €1 million from Saudi Arabia for consultancy jobs.

In a conversation with Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman in February 2021, Renzi defined Saudi Arabia as the “new renaissance” and said he was “jealous” at the cost of labour in the Arab country. Regardless of the regime’s recent sports washing and Renzi-washing, lest we forget, this is the regime that butchered the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, relies on “pervasive surveillance, the criminalisation of dissent” and restricts almost all political rights and civil liberties, according to Freedom House.

The cross-over between politics and journalism may not be new, but those who turn a blind eye to it are culpable in undermining the health of democracy. For a Saudi spin doctor such as Renzi to now market himself as a journalist is the rankest of hypocrisy.

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