June 16. 2024. 1:24

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How Irena Soprano's modest aspiration mushroomed into a global phenomenon complete with numerous international fashion shows, celebrity status, and a massive rebranding campaign

Today, Irena Soprano is a successful fashion designer, businesswoman, and proprietor of a number of well-known apparel lines. Celebrities and influential people often wear her designs. Incredible fact: it all began with a humble business.

Irena started her high-end boutique-atelier in 2011. Here, high-end gowns were customized to each customer's specifications. In 2017, Irena had the inspiration to design one-of-a-kind diamond gowns. The company "SOL Studio" invented its own method for embellishing garments with diamonds in a wide range of sizes and forms around that period. Finally, Irena launched her second label, "SOL Angelann," in 2018. Also, diamond gowns have become the label's signature item in recent years.

As production and popularity increased, Irena knew it was time to take her show to the next level. In reality, the product became instantly popular all over the globe. Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton are just a few of the A-listers who regularly wear "SOL Angelann" to the red carpet.

It's easy to see why "SOL Angelann" has captured so much attention and affection. Despite her powerful personality, keen intellect, resolve, and self-sufficiency, a contemporary successful woman still allows herself the indulgence of staying feminine and highlighting her attractiveness; this is the core style of brend. The brand's offerings, if we're talking about merchandise, are timeless classics. You can discover any style of dress you're looking for, from strapless to long. Knitted viscose, crêpe, silk, gabardine, wool, and cashmere are just some of the fabrics used in upcoming designs.

Irena Soprano's "SOL Angelann," a signature monobrand store, debuted in a Moscow city upscale neighborhood in 2021. The company has published an enlarged range of sandals, swimsuits, and purses embellished with diamonds, and increased manufacturing capability by a factor of five. The year ended with a great fashion display in Dubai, and the business expanded inteationally by incorporating in the United Arab Emirates.

Things heated up in 2022. To begin, the label started showing in more cities, including Dubai, Milan, Paris, New York, Berlin, and Frankfurt, during fashion week. Moscow, Paris, London, Munich, Los Angeles, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Tashkent are just some of the cities where "SOL Angelann" showcases its designs.

Furthermore, 2022 has evolved into a year of significant shifts. Irena has been approached with numerous expansion plans. There was a lot of interest from potential partners in working with the company. The decision to grow "SOL Angelann" was made. This led to an intensive effort to change the company's image. The company has rebranded under the moniker «SOLANGEL. This marks a definitive tuing point in the label's illustrious fashion history.

The year 2023 will be packed with exciting activities. The company's reorganization is well under way at this point. The new year will see the start of the brand's expansion into the Middle East. There will soon be fashionable shops here. The famous crystal gowns can be found in abundance at Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and other major retail destinations.

This course wasn't picked at random. Most of the East's A-list celebrities favor these gowns when they appear on runways. Nadine Abdel Aziz, Cyrine Abdel Nourx, Lojain Omran, Cyrine Nour, and a slew of others also come to mind. It's undeniable evidence of high standards. Another one of these companies has its sights set on the Asian market, and talks are already ongoing with the biggest malls in Korea and China. The year 2023 will be full of joy, success, and adventure. The "SOLANGEL" team can accomplish anything.