June 21. 2024. 4:01

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UK welcomes Israel’s judicial reform delay

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has welcomed the decision to postpone a controversial reform that would give the Israeli parliament more control over the country’s judiciary.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the postponement on Monday following weeks of mass protests against the legislation.

“The UK welcomes the decision today by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pause legislation to reform Israel’s judiciary,” said Cleverly.

Last week, Cleverly met with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in London Tuesday to sign the 2030 Roadmap for Israel-UK Bilateral Relations. The 2030 Roadmap deals will deepen cooperation across tech, research and development, security and cyber, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s latest press release reads.

The US White House also welcomed the decision, calling it “an opportunity to create additional time and space for compromise,” said press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at a news briefing, The Guardian reported.

“The UK enjoys a deep and historic relationship with Israel. As the Prime Minister stressed in his meeting with PM Netanyahu last week, it is vital that the shared democratic values that underpin that relationship are upheld, and a robust system of checks and balances are preserved,” said Cleverly.

“We urge all parties to find common ground and seek a long-term compromise to this sensitive issue,” he added.

(Sofia Stuart Leeson | EURACTIV.com)