February 21. 2024. 8:09

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Ukraine scorns Russian missile strikes on civilians, defence of Bakhmut holds

Russia’s first missile blitz on Ukrainian cities in weeks was met with defiance and disgust over the targeting of civilians, while Ukrainian forces defending the eastern town of Bakhmut continued to thwart Russian attempts to break through.

The pre-dawn barrage on Thursday (9 March) killed at least nine civilians and cut electricity supplies in several cities, but there was relief that the risk of a catastrophic meltdown at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant was averted as power was restored after a temporary disconnection from the Ukrainian grid. Ukraine said its air defences shot down many drones and missiles during the wave of attacks, but said the Russian forces also fired six Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missiles, which they have no way to stop.

Moscow confirmed it had used hypersonic Kinzhal – Russian for dagger – missiles in Thursday’s attack.

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