March 4. 2024. 7:00

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AI for sustainability: Leveraging technology to power the twin transition

Work is accelerating in digital development and sustainable solutions, and the two are increasingly coming together as the EU looks to address the biggest issues of the day.

With major goals established in addressing climate issues, policymakers and business leaders are looking to innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help in their achievement.

The scope of AI’s potential involvement is significant and fast-developing, from the creation of digital twins to the allocation of permits. As such, stakeholders emphasise the need to include businesses, particularly SMEs, in this work, given their centrality to fostering innovation and new technologies.

To achieve this, however, work remains to be done in terms of ensuring an enabling environment for these actors and the technologies they produce at the EU and national level, as well as addressing related issues such as disconnects between policymakers and business leaders when it comes to tackling the most pressing dilemmas.

  • SMEs central to integrating AI into climate action, say stakeholders

    News | Artificial Intelligence 10-02-2023

    Small and medium enterprises will be central to ensuring the twin green and digital transition succeeds, and that technologies such as AI are integrated into these processes, stakeholders emphasised in Brussels this week.