July 23. 2024. 2:38

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Human Rights Commissioner appeal regarding first Karabakh War victims

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Sabina Aliyeva, has appealed to the international community regarding the gravesite found in the Ergi plain of the Aghdam district

"Regretfully, we would like to note that during the excavation and construction works carried out on the basis of extensive excavation and construction in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, mass graves, where victims of Armenian vandalism were killed and buried, are being discovered.

During the excavations, carried out in the area called Ergi Plain of the Aghdam district, the bones similar to human skeletons reveal the next traces of war crimes committed by Armenia during the occupation period.

Thus, as a result of the investigations conducted in the mass graves discovered in the territories liberated from the occupation, many facts were obtained that those remains belong to the Azerbaijanis who were captured and taken hostage by the Armenian armed forces during the First Karabakh War and were mercilessly killed after being subjected to various forms of torture.

Despite repeated appeals, Armenia has not clarified the fate of almost 4,000 missing Azerbaijanis and has not provided accurate maps of the areas of unmarked mines and mass graves to Azerbaijan, thereby grossly violating universally recognized norms and principles of international law.

As the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I once again appeal to the world community and international organizations to take a decisive position in clarifying by Armenia the fate of almost 4,000 Azerbaijanis who went missing and also handing over accurate maps of unmarked mines and mass graves to our country."


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