June 10. 2023. 12:17

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Ukrainian MP Geo Leros calls for an investigation into payments to Ukrainian oligarchs for the production of a unified TV marathon

It is to remind that independent television broadcasting has been virtually banned in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops. All channels broadcast a unified TV marathon, for which the state transfers funds to TV channels.

Leros claims that over 20 million dollars were transferred to the TV channels owned by Ukrainian oligarchs Kolomoyskyy, Firtash and Pinchuk for the production of the marathon.

It should be noted that the United Marathon has not only signs of censorship, but also corruption, according to the Ukrainian opposition.

Last fall, investigators of the independent media outlet Bihus.Info discovered that the news block for the TV marathon was produced by the company Kinokit, which is affiliated with the deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Kyrylo Tymoshenko. This is a direct interference of the authorities in the editorial policy of the media.

In addition to the telethon, there is also the state television channel Freedom, which broadcasts, contrary to the law, in Russian. There is also the state television channel Rada. There is a channel that is financed from the state budget — Suspilne.


And last week the Ukrainian authorities decided to create another state TV channel, Army TV.

In turn, opposition TV channels such as Pryamiy and Espreso, controlled by former President Petro Poroshenko, have been pushed off the air and broadcast only on YouTube.

Leros claims that Ukraine is turning into an undemocratic state.

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