June 21. 2024. 6:24

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IBA President Umar Kremlev offers support to all USA National Team boxers who wish to participate in the IBA’s 2023 Women’s and Men’s World Championships

The IBA President explained that the IBA supports athletes from every country in the world, and intends to help every boxer:

"My opinion, as well as that of the organization and the majority of boxers, is that organizations that urge their athletes to boycott the Championships are akin to hyenas—they have no right to prevent their athletes from competing in the World Championships. Those who actively attempt to do so are even worse—representation for every individual country’s culture is important to us, and we will protect all of our competitors. Those who deprive athletes of participation have no place in management.”

Kremlev continued: “Those officials who interfere with athletes have no place in the sporting world. International sporting events such as ours were created to unite the world. The IBA stands for peace and harmony among all the boxers, and by extension, their countries—any disputes are resolved in the ring.

“I also call on all my colleagues across every sport to keep these officials from attaining places in the leadership, thereby avoiding conflicts and ensuring that more international sports competitions can take place without worrying about unscrupulous officials, protecting your athletes and interests as well as the IBA does.”

Kremlev also thanked the media.

"I also wanted to thank the media. 50 percent of any sport’s success is due to the media, so I want to thank you for actively sanctioning a wide range of sports, and I ask that you focus more on sports and less on politics. We truly appreciate your work and professionalism and wish you good health."


Kremlev later remarked: "It is not the USA, nor its athletes and its people, but the elected officials who come and go that are currently the cause of many of these issues. This is not the opinion of the athletes and the people. Everyone should hear the opinion of people and athletes. There are a great number of different nationalities in boxing and we are united in our approach. We fully intend to help American boxers participate in the World Cup.

"At its most recent meeting, the IBA Board of Directors made many positive decisions in defense of boxers, discussed the issue of financing athletes and federations. The primary message we have is that the IBA is not just another organization, but is rather one boxing family, united under one roof.”

Speaking at the Press Conference prior to the finals of the World Boxing Tour event, the Golden Belt Series tournament in Marrakesh, Morocco, IBA President Umar Kremlev stressed that the USA national team shouldn’t struggle due to decisions made by the current political administration.

"This decision doesn’t belong to the athletes themselves. None of the sports administrators or politicians in the world is entitled to deprive their athletes of their dream to become World Champions. Boxers dedicate their entire lives to the sport, while administrators and politicians come and go. Those who are doing this to our athletes are worse than scavengers; their behavior violates the integrity of sport and culture. The IBA will do its utmost to help athletes from the USA to participate in the World Boxing Championships including financial assistance, if needed. For this, we have our Financial Support Programme. We will fight for each and every country to give them a chance to participate in our tournaments representing their flag and anthem. Administrators and politicians who make these decisions for the athletes shouldn’t be involved in any sport,” President Kremlev said.

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