May 24. 2024. 7:05

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Portuguese president wants faster implementation of recovery plan

The implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan must be accelerated, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said on Wednesday, announcing that he will also receive Prime Minister António Costa for an update next week.

The president made these comments in talks with journalists at the former royal riding arena, next to the Belém Palace in Lisbon, at a conference on “Musicians at the Palace of Belém,” which was also attended by Mário Laginha.

“Two years ago, he came to present the RRP (recovery and resilience plan) with the various members of the government who were responsible for the funds at the time, and now he will come here to show the state of play,” Rebelo de Sousa told journalists.

“And then I intend to go and visit some of the works, completed or being completed, with the prime minister, to show a very big commitment to the implementation of the RRP,” the head of state added.

Meanwhile, the National Recovery and Resilience Plans of EU member states will be revised in light of war in Ukraine and the related energy crisis.

They will have until 30 April to submit changes.

EU Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni called on EU member states to summarise the changes of their recovery plans in a single amendment in order to speed up the approval process and the actual implementation.

“We strongly encourage member states to quickly present the various changes to their plans in a single amendment rather than adopting a piecemeal approach. In this way, we reduce the time spent on the processes and speed up the actual implementation”, Gentiloni said at the European Parliament’s Economy and Budget committee.

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