June 14. 2024. 12:31

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Belgium’s Eurosceptic parties maintain EU seat count, as liberals do well

The Eurosceptic parties Vlaams Belang and N-VA have won around a third of the vote in the European elections with around 14% each, giving the far-right ID and ECR a combined six seats out of Belgium’s 22 in the European Parliament.

Meanwhile, the liberals won four seats, mostly because of a surge in support for the French-speaking MR as the Flemish Open VLD largely collapsed.

In the social democrat camp, the Walloon PS and Flemish Vooruit won two seats each – four seats for the S&D group in the European Parliament.

CD&V and Les Engagés received two seats each, meaning four seats for the EPP group.

Surprisingly, the far-left PTB-PVBA won two seats for The Left, while the Greens got two.

(Thomas Moller-Nielsen| Euractiv.com)

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Greens avoid wipeout in Luxembourg

Greens avoid wipeout in Luxembourg

Tilly Metz (Greens/EFA) will remain an MEP for the next five years despite earlier polling consistently predicting a total wipeout for the Green Party in the European Parliament.

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