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Right-wing wins, PSOE comes close second, as both outperform other parties

The Partido Popular (PP/EPP), the main opposition party, received the most votes, 34.19% of the ballots cast, giving them 22 seats, while the socialist party of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (PSOE/S&D) came second with 30.18%, 20 seats, and the far-right VOX party, third with 9.62%, six seats.

“Congratulations to Dolors Montserrat (the PP lead candidate) and the whole candidacy because you are going to lead our values and policies in Europe. A well-deserved triumph that we have achieved by speaking to every voter with sincerity and honesty,” said PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo on X, although he did not achieve the resounding victory he hoped.

In fourth place was the Ahora República (Now Republic) party, an alliance of the far-left pro-independence forces Esquerra Republicana (Catalonia), Euskal Herria Bildu (Basque Country) and Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Galicia) with 4.92% and three seats, EFE reported.

The left-wing platform Sumar, the PSOE’s junior partner in government, gathered 4.65% of votes and three seats, according to government sources.

Entering the parliament for the first time is the ‘ultra’ party Se Acabó la Fiesta (The Party is Over), winning 5.9% and three seats. Its leader, the young political scientist Alvise Pérez, takes his message against what he calls the ‘mafia’ of politicians to Brussels and Strasbourg.

“It is for you that this fight against the whole system and the corrupt partitocracy is worth it. To let you down would be to let ourselves down. The party is over,” said Pérez on X.

The separatist party Together for Catalonia (JxCat), led by former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, won 2.54% and a single seat.

The Coalición por Una Europa Solidaria (CEUS), comprised of various regional parties, won 1.61% of the vote and one seat.

The elections were marked by domestic issues, including the controversial amnesty law proposed by Sánchez, pardoning hundreds of Catalan separatist politicians, which both the PP and VOX consider unconstitutional.

Spain sends 61 MEPs, up from 59 in the 2019 European elections.

Turnout was at 51% by late Sunday afternoon, according to official figures.

(Fernando Heller | EuroEFE.Euractiv.es)

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