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Portuguese socialists sack all current MEPs from June’s election list

The Portuguese socialist party (PS/S&D) voted on Monday (22 April) to remove all current members of the European Parliament from their list for June’s EU election, instead offering a renewed roster with national political figures.

A summit of the PS National Political Commission approved the choices of leader Pedro Nuno Santos with 76% votes in favour.

“It’s normal for that to be the case,” he added.

Marta Temido, former health minister, will be the head of the list, followed by former MEP and current national MP Francisco Assis. Third will be Ana Caterina Mendes, former minister of parliamentary affairs and current MP.

The announcement surprised many Socialist delegations in the European Parliament, as some of the current Portuguese MEPs, such as S&D vice-president Pedro Marques, were held in high regard.

“He makes us very proud, one of the best in Portugal, for sure, one of the best here. So we have this respect, this recognition of his work,” Nuno Santos said when asked by Euractiv about Pedro Marques less than two months ago.

Such a reshuffle could be seen as a way for Nuno Santos to clean house after losing the government to the opposition PSD (EPP) following the national election on 10 March.

Some of the Portuguese socialist MEPs were quick to react to the news.

“Places never belong to us, nor are we ever a position, we are just in it. The last almost two years in the European Parliament have been an unparalleled privilege and honour,” Joao Albuquerque said on X.

“Not being a candidate in the next European elections, I express my gratitude for the opportunity that the PS and the Portuguese gave me to serve two terms in which I gave my best to serve my country in the name of the European and progressive values ​​in which I believe,” said senior MEP Carlos Zorrinho, also on X.

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Italian Democratic Party’s Schlein under fire over EU election strategy

Italian Democratic Party’s Schlein under fire over EU election strategy

Italy’s centre-left opposition Democratic Party (PD) has come under fire after its leader, Elly Schlein, announced her candidacy for June’s European elections despite having previously said she had no intention of taking up a seat in European Parliament.

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