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Romania’s social-democrat leader proposes new concept of economic patriotism

The new concept of economic patriotism that aims to produce and consume as many Romanian goods as possible were presented by Marcel Ciolacu, the leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), before Romanian farmers on Wednesday.

The Romanian state must allocate “significant amounts” for new investments, re-engineering, or the expansion of existing capacities for processing raw materials in areas with potential, such as agriculture, Ciolacu said.

The party leader is also proposing a new concept, which consists of producing and consuming “as many Romanian goods as possible.” It is the only way “to reduce the trade balance deficit and increase the value of the Romanian products”, Ciolacu added.

The new goals and milestones in the fight against climate change impose “unprecedented” limitations on agriculture, he told at the national conference ‘Young Leaders for Agriculture’, organised by the Romanian Farmers’ Club on Wednesday.

Ciolacu also spoke of the general gap and an ageing rural population that affects Romanian agriculture.

“The average European age is 57 years, only 11% of European farmers are under 40 years old, which seriously poses the problem of the future of the agricultural sector,” he said.

However, Romania has a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

“After entire generations of Romanians who left the country, the right time has come to keep our young people from agriculture here, at home,” said Ciolacu, adding that “young farmers are the key to a modern, innovative and sustainable agriculture”.

Ciolacu also proposed setting up a European centre for the training and promotion of young leaders in agriculture.

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