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Czechia is not safe, foreign minister warns

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates, Greens/EFA) warned against a worsening security environment and called for further investments in the defence sector.

According to the head of the Czech diplomacy, the country has to consider the new reality and adopt a new security strategy in the upcoming months.

“The Czech Republic is not safe today. A conflict is taking place close to the border. The threat comes not only from Russia but also from China, but NATO membership is important for us,” Lipavský told the seminar on the Czech Republic’s security strategy he attended on Tuesday.

“The security environment has deteriorated significantly. Not only the security forces but also the citizens themselves have to react to this. That is why we are discussing the new Security Strategy publicly to find the highest possible understanding across society on the resulting document,” Lipavský stressed, adding that the country has to invest in security and defence with its allies.

Lipavský also reminded the current Czech government committed to updating the strategic document from 2015. The new strategy could be discussed in the government in June, MP from the ruling Civic Democratic Party (ODS, ECR) Eva Decroix confirmed.

According to Jan Jireš, director of the Defence Policy and Strategy at the Czech Defence Ministry, the state should be ready to face long-term war with a technologically advanced enemy.

“The probability of an attack on a NATO state has increased significantly, and Russia remains the most significant threat to our security,” Jireš warned.

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