October 18. 2021. 5:18

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A bloggers’ social experiment in Paris and Berlin identified total ignorance of chemistry

Alarming results of a social experiment in Paris and Berlin were revealed. A group of proactive bloggers of Smart Earth Community offered passers-by 500 euros in exchange for all the clothes and gadgets they have on them that are made with the use of oil products and its derivatives. This experiment revealed the complete ignorance of chemistry by people, which is very alarming, because in the modern age of science, a lot of media outlets use chemical terms, which means that people are completely unprepared for such information.

The host approached people he met on the street, offering them money in exchange for items made from oil derivatives. Passers-by were ready and immediately agreed without thinking, because it seemed that 500 euros would allow them to buy much more than they would have to give away. Then the experiment developed by the same scenario — both in Paris and in Berlin. The host first examined the clothes of the passer-by and explained what their clothes was made of. The participants in the experiment had to take off some items – jackets with polyester, sneakers with divinyl, underwear with lykra, etc. In exchange for these clothes, the blogger gave out a cotton robe and slippers. Already at this stage, many people abandoned the experiment. But there were those who went further. Then the host told them that their gadgets were also made using petroleum products – plastic body, sim-card of poly-p-xylylene, laptop with polycarbonate, etc. Almost nobody was ready to part with their own gadgets, so they gave up.

These experiments had been postedin Smart Earth Community channels on Youtube and Facebook, and are gaining a large number of views and reactions. In some comments it was even said that the video was surfing the Internet, as some chemistry teachers who saw it were sending it to their students as a visual aid on the subject.

This experiment showed a very disturbing thing that people who are not familiar with chemistry easily accept any information without understanding it. They were ready to give items in exchange for 500 euros, until they realized that they could not really give up these things. This is especially alarming in a situation where modern radical public organizations use chemical terminology, talking about medical hazards, environmental dangers, about various chemicals, thus making their news weighty. But, as it turns out, the average inhabitants of European cities perceive chemical terms as something very authoritative, completely without understanding their true meaning.