October 18. 2021. 6:24

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Bulgarian Head of Intelligence dismissed by President Radev sees the long arm of the Kremlin behind his removal

The caretaker government of Bulgaria has proposed today to President Rumen Radev to dismiss the Chairman of the State Intelligence Agency Atanas Atanasov.

Radev, who appointed the caretaker government solely, is expected to sign the decree this very day or tomorrow. Immediately after the news of his dismissal, Atanasov declared in the media that the reason for his removal was the “long arm of the Kremlin”.

With this expression, the head of the Bulgarian Intelligence Agency insinuated that his dismissal was revenge of the Russian Intelligence Service because of the recently uncovered Russian spy network in Bulgaria, which passed secret information to Moscow. We remind that a few days ago the caretaker government of the pro-Russian President Rumen Radev also removed the head of the State Agency for National Security, as well as several key long-term employees holding senior positions in the Ministry of Interior.

“In recent days, there have been indications of a dictatorship. There is no separation of power. We are in unique situation in which the presidential powers overlap with those of his caretaker government. Welcome to the empire. You know who the emperor is. He makes sure that there is blood, bread and a spectacle every day”, commentated the dismissed Chairman of the State intelligence Atanas Atanasov.

We remind that already a month after the beginning of the mandate of the caretaker government in Bulgaria, that was personally appointed by President Rumen Radev, more than 100 heads of state bodies have been fired.

According to the constitution of the country, the caretaker government has the only task of organizing and holding fair elections. Bulgarian citizens have been for a month now at a loss to the replaced directors of the State Aviation Operator, the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, the Road Infrastructure Agency, the Executive Forest Agency, etc., all who have nothing to do with the elections on 11 July.