June 23. 2024. 1:12

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Serbia denies selling weapons to Ukraine following new Pentagon leak

Defence Minister Miloš Vučević denied allegations that Serbia is or will be selling weapons to Ukraine following the publication of a leaked Pentagon paper on Wednesday, as he told several news outlets that such ‘lies’ have been denied ‘over ten times’.

A leaked Pentagon document published by Reuters claims that Serbia has agreed to deliver, or has already delivered, weapons to Ukraine. The document also says Serbia has “the political will and military capacity” to provide further weapons to the country that Russia has invaded.

Vučević called the allegations “lies that have already been denied over ten times.”

“We have denied these allegations who knows how many times, but we will do it again. Serbia has not sold weapons to either of the conflicted sides nor to countries surrounding the conflict. Nor will it,” Vučević told several media outlets, including Tanjug agency and Sputnik.

“Our country does sell weapons to third parties, far away from the conflict and unrelated to it. There is always the possibility of some weapons, somehow magically, finding themselves in the conflict territory, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Serbia. It is a question for those who do not respect international norms, contract clauses and business practices. Again, Serbia has not sent weapons to Ukraine, and everything published about that topic is untrue and speculative,” said Vučević.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has also previously called such allegations fabrications.

“We have not sold a single piece of weaponry, tools or ammunition to Russia or Ukraine. We have the allowed end users, and we export only to them,” Vučić said at the start of March.

(EURACTIV.rs | Tamara Milošević Grbići )