July 15. 2024. 7:20

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UK partners with South Korea on renewables, energy independence

The UK and South Korea will work towards a cleaner, more energy-secure future by focusing on renewable energy sources and energy independence, particularly from Russia, the governments announced in a joint statement on Monday.

The joint statement of cooperation on energy transition between both nations includes accelerating plans for civil nuclear, an agreement on collaborating to promote the highest standards of nuclear safety, regulation, security, safeguards and non-proliferation, and confirmation of plans to build robust and resilient nuclear supply chains.

It also reaffirms “a shared commitment to accelerate the just transition away from unabated coal power,” according to the UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero’s press release.

“I want the Republic of Korea to work ever closer with us in the UK, making the most of world-leading British expertise to move further and faster towards greater use of renewables, of opportunities in the UK to invest, and to redouble our efforts against Putin’s weaponising of our global energy sources,” said Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps.

“Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine has held up a mirror to the world, reflecting back just how vulnerable our energy security can be,” he added.

Shapps also emphasised the UK’s joint solidarity with South Korea against Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, urging the country to continue work towards energy independence from Russia’s gas supply.

“Russia’s gas – just like the president himself – belongs in the past,” said Shapps.

(Sofia Stuart Leeson | EURACTIV.com)