June 23. 2024. 2:12

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Vucic: Kosovo will ‘remain in Serbia’ until mandate end

Kosovo will remain in Serbia until the end of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić’s mandate, Vučić stated on live TV where he also said his country would implement parts of the European proposal regarding the normalisation of relations with Pristina.

“Kosovo will probably remain in Serbia during my mandate, and after that, it is a question for someone else. I think we will have to suffer a lot, especially our people in Kosovo and Metohija”, Vučić said on RTS.

Serbia will implement some parts of the European proposal for the normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina relations but not others, Vučić said, adding that this is something that has been made very clear to Western politicians.

“I have clearly told them which ones we will not accept. All of them. Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, and Anthony Blinken, to their face. And what can they say to that? They see me being decisive, looking into their eyes and directly saying that ten times. What can they say”, Vučić said on live TV.

Serbia was brought to the European proposal much earlier, he explained.

“Do not forget that when we signed the agreement of association and ascension, all the way to getting EU candidacy and Chapter 35, it was known that a so-called legally binding agreement for Pristina relations normalisation had to come. The Germans commented that it was a recognition, the Americans too, and now they have both given up on that term. Which is good news, but that is all the good news there is”, said Vučić.

“The proposal has one good thing about it, and the Albanian leadership in Kosovo is not thinking about it. And that is us living in peace next to each other. Everything else, regarding Serbia and its statehood, is not good,” he said.

“We need to understand that very clearly, that is the setup of the powers. And it has nothing to do with us; nobody asked me about it. But I have told them in no uncertain terms what it is that we will not be fulfilling”, Vučić added.

(EURACTIV.rs | Bojana Zimonjić Jelisavac)