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Sex is a ‘beautiful thing’, Pope says in documentary

Pope Francis praised the virtues and beauty of sex in a Wednesday (5 April) documentary, describing it "one of God’s most beautiful gifts to the human being".

They quizzed Francis on a range of topics including LGBT rights, abortion, porn industry, sex and abuse in the Catholic Church.

He said that "sex is one the most beautiful things God has given to the humanity of man" in the documentary.

"To express your sexuality is a richness."

Francis was also asked if he knew what "non-binary" means. He answered affirmatively. He reiterated the Catholic Church must welcome LGBT people.

"All persons are children of God. God doesn’t reject anyone, God is a father. And I don’t have the right to expel anybody from the Church."

Francis spoke out against abortion saying that priests should be compassionate towards women who have ended a pregnancy but it is still unacceptable.


"It is good to call things their names. It is one thing to accompany someone who has one (abortion), but quite another to justify the act."

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