April 18. 2024. 12:31

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German Vice Chancellor Habeck arrives in Ukraine on surprise visit

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (pictured) arrived in Ukraine for a surprise visit. This was his first trip to Ukraine since the war started.

The ministry spokesperson confirmed that Habeck arrived in Kyiv on Monday morning as minister for energy, and economy.

However, the spokesperson declined to provide further information, citing security precautions.

After initial criticisms of Germany’s unwillingness to supply heavy weaponry Ukraine, Germany has now become a key military supporter of the country. Most recently, Germany provided Kyiv 18 Leopard 2 battle tank tanks. These are some of the most powerful weapons in the West’s arsenal.

During the conflict, Russia repeatedly attacked Ukraine’s energy sector, sometimes leaving millions without power.

Berlin was also affected by the war and had to rethink its energy policy after it lost all economic relations with Russia.


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