April 18. 2024. 1:03

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Romania court extends detention of Andrew Tate pending trafficking investigation

Andrew Tate, a social media personality, and Tristan Tate, his brother (pictured) will remain in police custody through late April pending an investigation into alleged sex traficking. A Romanian court extended their detention on Wednesday (22 March).

Two Romanian women suspects and the Tate brothers, both of dual US-British nationality, have been held in detention since 29 December, as they are being investigated by prosecutors for human trafficking, sexual exploitation and rape. They denied all allegations.

Wednesday’s extension is the fourth for the brothers since their detention. It comes just days after the court refused their request to be released on bail. This decision was appealed.

Prosecutors can request courts to extend the detention of suspects for as long as 180 days if they argue that the Tates pose a flight risk and would interfer with the evidence if they are released.

Ioan Gliga, defence lawyer, stated that the prosecution had not brought any new elements to support the extension of the preventative arrest measures. He said that they are at the same stage as when the case began.

"The criminal investigation in this instance is stalling unjustifiably."

Lawyers indicated that they will appeal Wednesday’s decision.

Andrew Tate became well-known for his misogynistic comments that led to him being banned from all major social networking platforms. However, his Twitter account was restored after Elon Musk bought the social media platform.


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