June 21. 2024. 5:50

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Red Bull’s wings clipped as Commission raids premises

The European Commission raided the Austrian-based energy drink producer Red Bull on suspicion of illegal collusion and violation of EU antitrust rules.

On Monday, the Commission conducted unannounced house searches at the premises of Red Bull, the world’s largest energy drink producer based in Austria’s west-central state of Salzburg.

The raids were prompted by suspicions that the company had violated EU antitrust laws by engaging in cartels, restrictive business practices, and abuses of its dominant position.

This was announced by the Commission on Tuesday, without providing any further information about the investigation. Austria’s Federal Competition Authority, BWB, was apparently also involved.

“On Monday, 20 March, officials from the EU Commission visited our premises. We will, of course cooperate with them on all matters concerning them,” Red Bull told APA, adding that further inquiries should be addressed directly to the Commission.

Red Bull, one of the most valuable brands from Austria founded by now late multi-billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz in 1984, sold a record 11.6 billion bottles in 2022, earning the group about €9 billion- 23.9% more than the previous year. It employs nearly 16,000 people in 175 countries.

(Chiara Swaton | EURACTIV.de)