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Ex-communist leader proud to present no-confidence motion against Sánchez

Former Spanish communist leader Ramón Tamames will soon present far-right party VOX’s motion of censure against Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez whom he says has transformed the country into an “absorbing autocracy”. Read more.


Tamames, a highly regarded economist and historian who served as PCE’s Secretary General between 1976 and 1981 and Madrid Mayor in the 1980s, will present VOX’s motion of censure against Sanchez before parliamentarians on 21 March.

“There are some who want to break up Spain (pro-independence Catalan parties) and leave, and we agree (with VOX) on this. We are delighted to be in Spain and that it is a real mother for everyone”, Tamames, former Secretary General of Spain’s communist party (PCE), stressed.

“The current political situation in Spain is similar to a modern absorbing autocracy, while demagogy and populism often prevail within the government”, Tamames will say during his speech on Monday as advanced by El Diario.

The leader of VOX, Santiago Abascal, explained that despite being in opposite political camps, both share the need to defend “Spain’s unity” and democratic values.

The motion, however, is likely doomed to fail as only the 52 VOX MPs in parliament will vote in favour, while the centre-right opposition Partido Popular (PP/EPP) will probably abstain.

Last month, the left camp of governing parties PSOE (S&D) and Unidas Podemos (GUE-NGL) and other minor regional progressive forces, called the move “ridiculous” and politically futile.

Some polls predict a PP victory in the general election, while others forecast a win for PSOE and its left-wing alliance. However, in case PP wins it would probably have to rely on VOX’s support to govern the country: a “last resort” solution in PP’s own words.

VOX is currently the third force in the Spanish parliament and governs together with the PP in the Castilla and León region – a first in the Spanish political arena.

In February, VOX tabled a motion accusing Sánchez of betraying the Spanish people in the Catalan political crisis and of bad governance, among other serious accusations.

The far-right party bases its motion of censure on five reasons, and in the introduction of the text, alludes to the “urgent obligation to expel the government and call general elections”.

In the motion, Tamames proposes to call an early election for 28 May.

Municipal and regional elections will be held in May in Spain – a vote many view as the first litmus test for Sanchez’s coalition with Unidas Podemos – a political relation currently under fire.

General elections will be held in December when Spain is in the final month of its EU Council presidency, which starts on 1 July.

(Fernando Heller | EuroEFE.EURACTIV.es)

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