May 24. 2024. 6:55

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Distrust towards the EU rising among Slovaks

Slovakia has the second highest percentage of people distrusting the EU after France, a new Eurobarometer shows.

Only 37% of people in Slovakia trust the EU, and 53% do not. In France, 57% distrust the European Union. The EU average is still positive, with 47% trusting the EU and 47% distrusting.

As much as 35% of respondents said they have a negative image of the EU, while 32% said they have a favourable view and 33% neutral. The percentage of people with a positive view dropped by 7% since the summer of 2022.

Sociologist Michal Vašečka noted that thanks to another soon-to-be-published survey, there is data on the outcome of a hypothetical referendum on leaving the EU. Vašečka said that 36.5% would vote yes, adding that the percentage of people distrusting the EU is systematically rising.

“I fear that one day when Slovakia becomes a net contributor to the EU budget, this number may increase to more than 50% in a split of a second,” he said.

Data from Slovakia shows deep distrust not only of the EU but also of NATO and the US.

For example, on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most Slovaks blamed the US and NATO, and by September, more than half of Slovaks wished Russia would win a war.

“Slovakia is the country most prone to conspiracies in the EU, it is also the most Russophile, most pro-Putin country and most anti-American country in Central Europe. We have such a high degree of distrust towards people around us that it is only comparable to Russia. As much as 75% of people don’t trust others. You won’t do this anywhere in Europe,” Vašečka said.

“This country is sick. And we have to say this loudly because otherwise, we will never recover,” he added.

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