April 14. 2024. 7:07

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Bulgaria unlikely to provide more weapons to Ukraine

Bulgaria, a major producer of ammunition used by Ukrainian soldiers, has sent all the armaments required under a parliamentary decision, Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov, echoing the previous words of President Rumen Radev.

Bulgaria is a major producer of ammunition intended for Soviet-style weapons used by the Ukrainian army – something soldiers really need.

“We have provided helmets, bulletproof vests, winter clothing, medical packs,” he said.

When asked by journalists whether Bulgaria would provide Ukraine with more armaments, Stoyanov said, “the list, according to the parliament’s decision has been completed.”

Stoyanov’s words echo those of President Rumen Radev from last week.

“Bulgaria has already provided weapons from its military stockpile to Ukraine, the interim government has fulfilled the task of the National Assembly. I hope that in the future, the government will show itself rational to prevent this from happening again,” said Radev, who has always opposed sending arms to Ukraine, believing it would prolong the conflict.

Under the previous government, the parliament decided to provide military aid to Ukraine, some of which are already on the way, but the caretaker government, which Radev appointed, appears unlikely to follow in those footsteps.

Indeed the Bulgarian government must continue to support the Ukrainian side, but according to Bulgaria’s capabilities, Stoyanov explained.

“What is written in the decision of the National Assembly of 9 December is that Bulgaria must provide aid according to a list that was provided by the MoD to the Council of Ministers and then to the National Assembly,” said Stoyanov.

“I can say with satisfaction that this list has been fulfilled. Regarding point 6 of this decision, it is written that the government should continue to provide support to Ukraine according to the Bulgarian capabilities. At the moment, the Bulgarian capabilities are as they are. We have provided this list”, Stoyanov added.

Bulgaria is, however ready to restore the medical rehabilitation fund to be used by Ukrainian soldiers, Stoyanov also said.

(Krassen Nikolov | EURACTIV.bg)