May 24. 2024. 6:44

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Thousands in Lisbon protest rising living costs

Workers on Thursday paraded in Lisbon from Largo Camões to the parliament building in a protest organised by the CGTP trade union confederation against the rising cost of living, calling for wage and pension increases.

The demonstration started around 3:10 pm and arrived around an hour later at the parliament building in São Bento, where slogans such as “the cost of living increases and the people can’t stand it”, “we can’t accept working to become poor” or “for the country to move forward, salaries must increase” were heard.

At the head of the demonstration, the leader of the general confederation of Portuguese workers – national trade union CGTP, Isabel Camarinha, flanked by several union leaders, including Mário Nogueira of Fenprof, held a red banner that read “for the general increase in wages” and “against the increase in the cost of living and for price control”.

“What a great day of struggle,” said Camarinha on the platform set up in front of the steps of the parliament, noting that “all over the country”, workers are showing their discontent.

The CGTP held a national day of protest Thursday, with strikes and demonstrations nationwide, calling for the increase in wages and pensions against the rising cost of living.

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