June 14. 2024. 1:06

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Key unfinished files EU Parliament inherits in the next term

Over the past five years, Ursula von der Leyen’s College of Commissioners has presented a long list of legislative texts covering issues ranging from Green Deal legislation to defence industrial programmes.

However, some of the proposed text did not make it past the final vote, or even past the first round of negotiations, because they touched on sensitive topics or were presented just before the end of this legislative term.

The Council is expected to continue negotiating on the texts in the coming weeks, even though the Parliament has stopped all work and its members have gone into campaign mode.

The new Parliament will convene in June, though deep dives into the legacy technical files of the von der Leyen Commission are not expected before the autumn, as parliamentarians need time to form their new groups, get a grip on the topics, and sit down with national diplomats.

Around 63 of these files have not passed the plenary vote in Parliament and are currently in the preparatory phase or in parliamentary committees, meaning the next Parliament will be able to highly influence their content.

In this Special Report, Euractiv looks at the most important policy files that have not been completed in this term.

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