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Romanian pro-Russian party denies allegations of anti-Ukrainian provocations

Romanian pro-Russian party AUR denies allegations that it may soon launch a disinformation campaign with anti-Ukrainian messaging.

“This operation is part of the internal Romanian political landscape, but it could negatively impact Ukraine’s image”, an official from the special services told the Kyiv Post.

“This could potentially escalate the situation, leading to transit blockages and inciting protest sentiments,” the source added.

Official data from the Romanian Foreign Ministry indicate that over 210,000 Romanians and over 120,000 Romanian-speaking people who identify as Moldovans live in Ukraine. AUR’s alleged strategy is said to involve contact with local clergy and families of ethnic Romanian soldiers serving in the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

A similar information campaign is being conducted by representatives of the Bulgarian Renaissance party in the Odessa region, targeting villages inhabited mainly by ethnic Bulgarians, according to the ministry sources.

According to a Ukrainian intelligence source, these simultaneous campaigns suggest possible coordination by the Kremlin to complicate Ukraine’s geopolitical situation.

But AUR has not taken these accusations lightly as its National Council President, Claudiu Târziu, accused the Ukrainian government of interfering in Romania’s internal affairs and trying to intimidate Romanian communities in Ukraine and the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Târziu denied AUR’s involvement in any operations within Ukrainian territory and criticised the Kyiv Post for allegedly defaming the party.

He went on to accuse the ministry’s main intelligence directorate of being the successor to the Soviet military spy service, the GRU and blamed it for hostile actions against Romania and its citizens since 1991.

The far-right party has opposed Romanian aid to Ukraine and the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through Romania, while its leader, George Simion, has been banned from entering both Ukraine and Moldova.

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