December 6. 2023. 5:45

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Heavy rains turn streets into rivers on Spain’s Mediterranean coast

After a long drought, torrential rains turned streets in Spain’s Mediterranean Coast into rivers. Cars and pedestrians were swept away.

Social media footage from Molina de Segura, in the southeast region of Murcia showed a boy being thrown out of his buggy while his mother attempted to push him across an flooded street. A bystander pulled them both to safety.

A passerby stopped another family member from crossing the road with a buggy for a second attempt.

A man who tried to drive through the floodwaters was swept away. The car traveled about 55 yards (50 metres) along a street.

Central Spain, including the capital Madrid, was also hit by heavy rains.

As a precaution, Spanish authorities closed down daycares, schools, and universities earlier this week after heavy rains caused basements to flood and cars to be submerged.

Despite the economic and social damage caused by the rain, many Spaniards have welcomed it. According to the state weather agency AEMET, the country was on course to record the driest Spring since 1961.

According to AEMET, rainfall in Spain from October 1 to May 23 was 27 percent below the average.


On Friday (26 May), heavy rains were expected. The AEMET has warned that accumulated rainfall of 12 centimetres (five inches) in 12 hours is expected in Castellon, in the southeast Valencia region.

The worst affected areas in Castellon were Benicassim and Cabanes, according to the fire services. The fire service said that they have carried out three rescues, and provided pumping on 27 occasions.

The floods in northern Italy that occurred earlier this month caused billions of Euros worth of damages and killed 13 people.

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