April 18. 2024. 1:28

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UK opens inquiry into alleged extrajudicial killings in Afghanistan

Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, who is investigating allegations of more than fifty summary killings by Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers in Afghanistan, issued a call for anyone with evidence to come forward.

Haddon-Cave said he was “very hopeful” there would be “full cooperation,” adding that his independent inquiry was ultimately about restoring the reputation of the military and “moral authority,” The Guardian reported. Sir Charles Anthony Haddon-Cave is a judge, currently serving as Lord Justice of Appeal.

“Either the allegations are untrue, or if some of them are true then the military and the country can hold its head high and say we have looked into these properly and thoroughly. It’s about, ultimately, reputation,” he added.

In December, ministers announced the statutory judge-led inquiry, which will have powers to compel people to give evidence after allegations that over 50 Afghans were killed in suspicious circumstances by one SAS unit in the Helmand province between 2010 and 2011. Some have said that these actions amounted to war crimes.

On Monday, the EU Council approved conclusions reaffirming the EUs principled commitment to peace and stability in Afghanistan and to supporting the people of Afghanistan, adding that the EU stands “ready to further enhance support to Afghanistan’s neighbours and partners across the wider region for the prevention of negative spill-over effects.”

(Sofia Stuart Leeson | EURACTIV.com)