March 2. 2024. 3:45

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Bosnia, Serbia in world’s top 20 of smoking nations

Four Balkan countries are in the global top 20 of countries in terms of smoking, according to data published by World Population Review and carried by

Serbia, where some 40.6% of the population are estimated to be smokers, is ranked seventh, Greece ninth and Bulgaria tenth, with Bosnia-Herzegovina a close 11th. Another country from the region, Croatia, is 18th.

The list is topped by Nauru, a small Pacific island nation, where smokers make up 52.1% of the population.

According to the World Health Organisation, tobacco kills more than eight million people every year, including active and passive smokers (who experience second-hand smoke).

Although smoking has been banned from restaurants and public offices across the Balkans, it is still allowed and widespread in most cafes and bars.

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