December 6. 2023. 6:26

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EU-China: Commission and China hold second High-Level Digital Dialogue

Both parties engaged in a thorough discussion on crucial areas of digital policy and technologies. The Commission provided an update of EU regulatory developments including the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.

Both sides exchanged views about Artificial Intelligence. The Commission presented developments on the Artificial Intelligence Act and stressed the importance of an ethical use of this technology in full respect of universal human rights, in the light of recent UN reports.

The Commission reiterated its support for global and interoperable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) standards and urged the Chinese authorities to ensure a fair, reciprocity-based business environment in the digital field. It also conveyed its concern about the difficulties faced by EU companies in China to make use of their industrial data, as a result of the application of recent legislation. Discussions on this matter will continue at the High-level Economic Dialogue with a view to finding concrete solutions.

As regards the safety of products, the Commission and China welcomed the signature of the Action Plan on the safety of products sold online.

China shared updates on their policies and practices in the digital domain. Both parties agreed to continue discussions at technical level, by resuming the China-EU ICT Dialogue.

More information is available in a press release online.


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