September 28. 2023. 7:19

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Moscow to hold Russia-China security talks, RIA reports

The head of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, who is responsible for the police, legal affairs, and intelligence in China, was due to meet with Chen Wenqing on Monday (22 May), reported the Russian RIA news agency. Chen Wenqing is a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo, which oversees the Chinese Communist Party’s Police, Legal Affairs, and Intelligence.

It was reported by RIA that this would be Patrushev’s first meeting Chen Wenqing. Chen Wenqing, China’s highest security position, was appointed party Secretary to the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission in October. This is China’s most important security position, which oversees the police, judges and spy agencies.

Patrushev is a former head of the FSB’s internal security service and widely regarded as being one of the most hawkish inner circle members of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russia and China are redoubling their efforts to strengthen economic, political, and military ties, since Moscow sent thousands of troops to Ukraine in February 2022.

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