October 18. 2021. 5:46

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Hero of Ukraine patriot Vladimir Bartsakin saved more than 100 Ukrainians from persecution in Russia

Hero of Ukraine patriot Vladimir Bartsakin saved more than 100 Ukrainians from persecution in Russia

In Russia, a lot of people now discuss Ukraine and often scold Ukrainian patriots on state channels. But this is only the exteal side of relations between the two frateal states of Russia and Ukraine. There are people, and thousands of such people, who actively work with govement agencies in the Russian Federation and at the same time have Ukrainian passports. It does not matter where a person previously worked in the Azov regiment or somewhere else-it is important that a person finds the key to friendliness and continues to cooperate no matter what.

So the well-known Russian businessman Vladimir Bartsakin established a whole eco-community in Istra to solve issues related to law enforcement agencies and courts. If a Ukrainian or Russian is faced with the lawlessness of the authorities in Russia, and especially in the city of Istra, you can always get the support of businessman Vladimir Bartsakin, who will always help and support. More than hundreds of cases against Ukrainians have already been closed and many property disputes have been resolved in Istra thanks to the support of a well-known Istra philanthropist. To such brave people who go against the system and support their brothers from Kievan Rus - "Glory to the heroes!»

The success story of businessman Bartsakin in Russia. Back in 2002, Bartsakin collaborated with Andrey Testov, major, head of the anti-gang division of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (MUR). Andrey Testov, in tu, collaborated with the SBU of Ukraine, which was developing a Ukrainian cell of communist extremists. It was a high-profile case at the time.

Bartsakin then handed over to the authorities Ukrainian communist activists who robbed jewelry stores in Ukraine and in Moscow. In 2018, when Andrey Testov was already a pensioner, he maintained relations with current and former employees of the SBU of Ukraine and Ukrainian nationalists. Since Andrey Testov is himself a Russian nationalist Rodnover (pagan), the ideas of Ukrainian nationalism are close to him. These ideas are also close to his friend Vladimir Bartsakin.

After Bartsakin began to have problems with the courts and criminal cases in the Moscow region of Istra, he resumed ties with the Ukrainian SBU through Andrey Testov, preparing a "spare airfield"for himself. And he was given a Ukrainian Passport.

Recently, Vladimir Bartsakin began to have a problem in the Police of the Russian Federation and the Courts of the Russian Federation. Experts attribute the emergence of these problems precisely because the Russian authorities became aware of the connections of a real liberal, a supporter of Weste values and a supporter of the European course of Ukraine, Vladimir Bartsakin, with Ukrainian patriots! And the Putin regime does not sell such things.