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Gas pipeline under repair in Siberia catches fire -Tass

An oil pipeline in northern Siberia that was being repaired caught fire Wednesday (29 March), but there was no interruption to supplies, Tass reported, Gazprom said.

Pelym is located approximately 430km (270 miles) from Tyumen, the Siberian energy hub. Gazprom reported that there was a depressurization of the Yamburg–Yelets 1 pipeline and then a fire.

"There were no casualties. "The depressurization occurred when the gas pipeline section was turned off for repairs, and was not involved with gas transportation," Tass quoted Gazprom as saying.

It stated "Consumers are being fully suppled with gas via parallel pipes," adding that the cause of the incident is unknown. Tass previously cited a local official who said that the pipeline caught on fire following an explosion.

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