May 24. 2024. 5:39

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EU’s packaging law – What’s next?

After the much-awaited proposal on the EU packaging and packaging waste directive (PPWD), the ball is in the court of EU lawmakers, who are now called to tie up loose ends and tweak the draft legislation.

The new PPWD framework sees a wide-ranging overhaul of the current law, including mandatory targets for recycled content into new plastics and design criteria to help to recycle more.

In this Event Report, EURACTIV explores the current debate on how to improve the proposal from the Commission from the point of view of the agrifood sector.

  • Stakeholders clash over environmental impact, viability of EU packaging law

    News | Agrifood 20-03-2023

    With the EU’s new packaging law open to lawmakers’ opinions, farmers and industry are questioning the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the proposal while green groups warn against a ‘zero-sum approach’ to the matter.