May 20. 2024. 12:11

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Commissioner Johansson in Berlin to discuss the fight against child sexual abuse

The commissioner will meet with the Independent Commissioner for child sexual abuse from Germany, Kerstin Claus, to discuss the implementation of the EU strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse.

Commissioner Johansson will meet tomorrow with Federal Minister of Interior, Nancy Faeser; the Federal Minister of Justice, Marco Buschman; the leader of the German Socialist Party, Saskia Esken; and members of the Federal Parliament. The meetings with her counterparts will focus on the cooperation in the fight against child sexual abuse.

85 million pictures and videos of child sexual abuse were detected online worldwide in 2021 alone, mostly originating from online exchanges. The scale of the crime and the severity of the crime require us to act. The Commission is committed to make progress on the fight against child sexual abuse.

The Commission proposed legislation in May 2022 to prevent and combat child sexual abuse, with certain obligations for online service providers to detect, report and remove child sexual abuse, an independent EU Centre on Child Sexual Abuse, support and prevention actions.

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