March 2. 2024. 3:35

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Poland preparing for possible migrant flows from Russia

Poland will soon start building an electronic fence at its border with Kaliningrad Oblast as it fears Russia and Belarus will again help migrants cross the border in a bid to destabilise Europe.

Poland is preparing for a repeat of the 2021 border crisis, where thousands of African and Middle-Eastern refugees and migrants attempted to enter the country through Belarus.

Minsk denied engineering the situation at the time, and instead blamed Warsaw and Brussels for causing a humanitarian crisis that led to the deaths of several migrants in forests along the border.

For now, the situation at the Polish-Russian border remains stable and calm, according to a regional Border Guard spokeswoman.

Last year, the guards reported 11 cases of illegal crossing at the Kaliningrad Oblast border. Moreover, there are cases of trenching upon the border strip by mushroom pickers, who lost their way, or tourists that want to take a photo with the border post.

Since last November, the Polish army on request by the Border Guard has been installing a concertina wire barrier along the border with Kaliningrad.

(Aleksandra Krzysztoszek |