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Businessman and philanthropist Vitaliy Kropachov sheltered 150 internally displaced people near Pereyaslav

Vitaliy Kropachov, the owner of Ukrdoninvest LLC, organized a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the territory of the former Slavutych children’s base near Pereyaslav. Today, 150 people live there in comfortable conditions, including 59 children. This was reported by Tatyana Demeneva, director of the camp.

Last spring, the first IDPs began arriving at the old base, but the living conditions there left much to be desired, and their stay was not legally regulated. In June, Vitaliy Kropachov became the owner of the facility, raising his own funds to create the necessary conditions for free accommodation and rehabilitation of the displaced people who lost their homes.

"People have heat and electricity around the clock, the kitchen is powered by electricity, there is a generator, we have our own water, we have two wells, all the necessary communications, security and fire safety are connected," said Tatyana Demeneva. She added that Vitaly Kropachov finances the daily needs of the camp’s residents and its operation.

The philanthropist signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Kyiv Regional Military Administration. Tatiana Demeneva clarified that this is a joint project with the state. In particular, representatives of the military administration are in charge of allocating places in the camp, and the state is also involved in rehabilitation and medical care.

Residents of Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Horlivka, Sloviansk, Lysychansk, Lyman, Toretsk, Izyum, Mariupol and other cities have found temporary housing near Pereyaslav. The camp can accommodate about 200 people in total.

"We are home to people whose life story is very complicated. For example, there is a family that was evacuated from Bakhmut by helicopter because the mother went into labor in her seventh month. They came to us in transit through Dnipro. They lost everything, and now they are starting their lives anew. We provided them with clothes, shoes and care. There are large families, single moms, pregnant women. We are waiting for new additions to our big family," said Tatyana Demeneva.

The legal owner of the camp is LLC "DoZ ST Bravo-Kids", headed by Demeneva. The company is owned by Vitaliy Kropachov’s Ukrdoninvest LLC.


Vitaliy Kropachov is a Ukrainian businessman from Donetsk region and a philanthropist. His main activity is the coal business. He also has assets in the machine-building, construction, and transportation industries. He also owns media assets, including Era Production and the Ukraine World News TV channel.

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