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Sánchez forms ‘iron dome’ government to withstand stiff opposition from PP, Vox

Sánchez has added ‘core loyalist’ ministers to his new coalition government – the ‘Sánchez III’ cabinet – that will fight to resist fierce opposition from the right (PP/EPP) and the far-right Vox, both of which are working to build resistance against Sánchez.

Sánchez (PSOE/S&D) on Monday highlighted the great quality of his ministers, who will have to battle against the resistance of the PP, whose majority in the Senate could delay the approval of several laws and hinder the work of the new progressive government, EFE reported.

They will also have to face the stiff opposition of Vox, the third party in parliament with 33 seats, which has announced that it will take the “dictator” Sánchez to court over the amnesty law.

“(It is) a team with a high political profile for a legislature with a high political profile. (With) people capable of managing, but also of reaching agreements and explaining them publicly”, Sánchez stressed.

On Monday, Borja Sémper, the PP’s vice-secretary for culture, warned that the conservative party would make an “effective” and “relentless” opposition to Sánchez.

Political ‘apartheid’ to Podemos

The progressive platform Sumar, under the leadership of Yolanda Díaz – who will be one of Sánchez’s vice-presidents- obtained five important portfolios, among them Culture for the MEP and diplomat Ernest Urtasun and Youth for the MEP Sira Rego.

Podemos was left without any ministries even though it had hoped that the former Minister for Equality, Irene Montero would return to this position.

Montero’s coveted post has gone to socialist Ana Redondo, a well-known feminist and, above all, a Sánchez loyalist.

Podemos´ spokesperson, Pablo Fernández, on Monday, called it a “serious mistake” that “Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz have kicked Podemos (with five seats in Parliament) out of the government”. However, the radical left party has no plans, at least for now, to leave the Sumar platform, EFE reported.

The PP has announced that its target is to “internationalise” the “Catalan problem”. On Wednesday (22 November), the European Parliament, at the initiative of the PP (PPE), is scheduled to debate the “quality” of the rule of law in Spain.

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