December 2. 2023. 5:35

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ALDE vice-president becomes top candidate on USR list for upcoming EU elections

Former Save Romania Union (USR) party leader and current vice-president of ALDE Dan Barna will open the list of candidates for the 2024 European elections, USR party Vice-President Claudiu Năsui told Prima TV on Saturday.

When asked if this was a good decision, considering Barna’s loss to Viorica Dăncilă (PSD) in the 2019 presidential elections, Năsui said he believes he has “the right to get his revenge”.

Dan Barna was elected vice-president of the European formation ALDE in May 2023 at the Congress in Stockholm.

The initial nominee to head the list, Elena Lasconi, the mayor of Câmpulung Muscel, withdrew earlier this month after admitting to vote ”yes” at the 2017 referendum aimed to replace the phrase ”marriage between spouses” in the Constitution with a more restrictive one.

Năsui defended the decision, saying: “At the European Parliament, you don’t vote for one person, but for a list, and there are a lot of very good politicians on our list”.

Other notable figures include former Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu, MEP Vlad Botoș, and parliamentarians Cristina Prună and Radul Mihail.

Năsui acknowledged the challenges posed by the situation, saying that it was not ”a pleasant moment” for the party. However, USR has gone ”through many crises, and it will get through this one as well”.

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