April 14. 2024. 5:47

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France reiterates stance against drug legalisation in wake of deadly shooting

Following a series of fatal drug-related shootings in Marseille, French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti on Tuesday (4 April) underscored the government’s opposition to legalising certain drugs.

“I make a direct link between the traffickers and the consumers. Festive comfort leads to the settling of scores. All those who consume the little joint on Saturday night should remember this,” he said.

“I am against the liberalisation of the use of narcotics, firstly because on our youth it has deleterious effects that we know about, particularly psychiatric pathologies that are sometimes serious. So I think that this prohibition must be maintained,” he added.

.@E_DupondM sur la situation à Marseille : "Je fais un lien direct entre les trafiquants et les consommateurs. Le confort festif donne ces règlements de compte. Tous ceux qui fument le pétard le samedi soir devraient s’en souvenir"