April 14. 2024. 7:11

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Predatorgate: Opposition lashes out at Greek PM after EURACTIV’s revelation

Main opposition leftist Syriza party and Greek socialists hit at Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis after a EURACTIV report revealed that the EU prosecutor had launched an investigation over the use of illegal Predator spyware in the country.

In a statement, Syriza said the EU Prosecutor’s intervention for the “illegal exports of the malicious spyware with government permission by Mr Mitsotakis’s close associate, Mr Smyrlis, but also for the extensive tax evasion and tax fraud by the companies involved, is a stumbling block for the Mitsotakis shady state and the cover-up operation”.

“The margins for those who dismantled the rule of law are narrowing. After the 21 May elections, nothing and no one will be left in the dark”, the opposition added.

Along the same lines, Greek socialists (Pasok) stated that following EURACTIV’s report, the damage to the country’s international image and credibility “is constantly growing”.

EURACTIV reported on Tuesday that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) had launched an investigation into the use of illegal Predator spyware in a wiretapping scandal that has shaken Greek politics.

The investigation has focused on the illegal export of Predator spyware from Greece to countries in Asia, Africa and elsewhere, as well as allegations that the companies involved in the so-called Predatorgate were engaged in tax evasion.

Contacted by EURACTIV, an EPPO spokesperson refused to confirm or deny that there is an ongoing investigation.

“As a general rule, we do not comment on ongoing investigations, nor do we publicly confirm which cases we are working on. This is so as not to endanger the ongoing procedures and their outcome,” the spokesperson told EURACTIV.

“Whenever we can say something about any of our investigations, we will do so proactively,” the spokesperson added.

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(Sarantis Michalopoulos | EURACTIV.com)