April 13. 2024. 5:12

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Germany takes in 32 survivors from migrant shipwreck off Italy

Germany has accepted 32 survivors of last month’s migrant boatwreck off Southern Italy, according to Italian and United Nations authorities.

More than 90 people were killed in an accident at sea that occurred in Italian territorial waters on February 26th, near Cutro in the Calabria Region.

According to Matteo Piantedosi, Italy’s Interior Minister, the total number of survivors was 80.

A Calabria provincial government office stated that the International Organization for Migration (IOM), helped organize a charter flight for 32 survivors to Hamburg.

"IOM is happy that it supported relocation under the EU voluntary solidarity mechanism," IOM stated separately via Twitter.

According to ANSA, survivors will be joining relatives who are already in Germany.

A spokesperson for IOM stated that they could apply for asylum.

Italy’s right-wing government has repeatedly called on other European Union countries to accept more migrants, despite facing an increase in North African sea arrivals.


Accusations against Italian authorities were made, which they strongly denied, claiming that they failed to do enough to prevent the migrant shipwreck.

The boat was being sunk by police boats. However, the weather prevented them from reaching it. Opposition politicians and charities have asked why not coast guard vessels that are better equipped to handle high seas were deployed in their place.

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