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Will biofuels have a role in EU transport decarbonisation?

Contrary to countries outside Europe, such as Brazil and India, who are scaling up the production of biofuels to decarbonise transport, the European Commission has decided to gradually phase out biofuels, citing environmental concerns.

The biofuel industry, for its part, insists that European renewable ethanol saves today, on average, 77% GHG emissions compared to fossil fuel and could be a viable solution to the decarbonisation of EU road transport.

The industry also stresses that ethanol could help Europe boost its food security and independence as a domestic source of protein for animal feed, which EU biofuel production provides.

On the other hand, several NGOs say this leads to food price hikes and also question biofuels’ carbon footprint.

In this EU Special Report, EURACTIV examines the different aspects of biofuel production and to what extent it could play a role in the ongoing debate over banning fossil fuel cars after 2035.

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