June 10. 2023. 12:22

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Famously libertarian Amsterdam is to stop selling cannabis in its red-light district

Under the new laws, the city council will close restaurants and bars by 02.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

The district would be closed to new visitors after 01.00 and sex workers will have to close for business at 03.00.

A city spokeswoman said:

“The atmosphere becomes dire, particularly at night.

“A lot of people are under the influence [of drugs and alcohol] and hang around for a long time.

“This comes at the expense of a good night’s sleep for residents and the liveability and safety of the whole neighbourhood.”

The sale of alcohol is already forbidden from Thursday to Sunday after 16.00 in shops, liquor stores and cafes in the red-light district.


Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists every year; many travel to the city for the cannabis cafes.

These cafes sell the drug under strict conditions – including causing any nuisance to their neighbours.

However, locals have complained that tourists attract drug dealers and cannabis, as well as alcohol abuse, is driving up crime rates in the city.

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